About Us

About Us

About Us

"La Esperanza" is a kicwha community located in the heart of the central Andes of Ecuador, 3,600 meters above sea level.
We are about 60 families, a total of 350 people. We live mainly on farming and agriculture, working the steep fields on the Cordillera Central. The relationship with Pachamama, Mother Earth, is symbiotic.


We want to strengthen self-esteem and self-confidence within the community. Re-embrace and give new strength to the traditions that the centuries of subjugation overshadowed. Make the local economy more diverse and dynamic. Implement services to benefit tourists as well as the whole community.
We want to offer a genuine kind of tourism that shows what our way of life actually is, harmonious with nature and with the lowest possible environmental impact.


With the building of the first choza (typical Andean hut made of mud and straw in the traditional style), which can accommodate up to six people, we want the project to start self-financing, creating a virtuous circle.
The goal is the construction of other facilities such as at least two chozas that can accommodate couples or small groups, a common area where you can eat and relax, a reception area, a vegetable garden, a museum.

Once the entire project outgoings have been covered, all revenue, excluding management expenses, will benefit the whole community.

Where your money goes

The cost of housing is fully paid to the community bank account. The gain is reinvested in the area and the economy of Esperanza.
The guide service and meals, if you choose to consume them in a private home, are paid directly to the people involved.

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